A new report ranked Denver as the No. 10 market in North America for tech talent, placing the city in the same spot it was last year. This ranking from CBRE’s Scoring Tech Talent report looks at the top 50 North American markets and their ability to attract and develop tech talent. It ranks cities based on 13 metrics, such as labor market conditions, concentration of tech jobs and graduation rates. Tech talent, which makes up more than 20 occupations such as data managers and software developers, has grown in the U.S. by 11.4% of 610,000 employees since 2020.

In the Denver region, including Boulder, tech jobs increased 26% between 2017 and 2022, according to the report, adding 26,040 jobs to the local economy. The majority of the local tech talent works in the tech industry (40.7%). The next largest industry for tech talent is the finance, insurance and real estate industries (9.7%). The Denver region ranked high on the list again this year due to its ability to attract young and educated tech talent, according to CBRE. The number of regional residents in their 20s with college degrees grew by 31.4% between 2016 and 2021, according to the report. Denver’s growth rate is the second-highest among U.S. markets with a workforce of more than 50,000, falling behind Tampa, Florida. The number of area residents in their 30s with college degrees increased slightly faster — by 32% — during this same five-year period.

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