Full 2nd-Floor Office Space For Lease

Full second-floor office space available at 2500 55th Street. Expansive layout featuring private offices, conference rooms, and open office areas. This prime location within Flatiron Park, Boulder’s coveted business park, offers a tranquil work environment amidst open spaces, lush landscapes, and stunning mountain vistas. Experience a unique work-life balance, supported by convenient access to Boulder’s paths, community events, and quick links to major highways. Elevate your business at the heart of a vibrant community and enjoy the seamless blend of productivity and well-being.

  • Full Second-Floor Office Space
  • Prime Location in Flatiron Park: Nestled in Boulder’s renowned business park, enjoy serene open spaces and scenic mountain views
  • Well-Designed Interior: Well-appointed features such as private offices, conference rooms, and open office areas
  • Tranquil Work Environment: Harmonious blend of work and nature, surrounded by lush landscaping and tranquil open spaces
  • Exceptional Connectivity: Convenient access to major highways, public transportation, and proximity to downtown Boulder
  • 9,561 - 21,088 SF
  • For Lease
  • $13.54 / SF (Est. 2024)

Becky Callan Gamble


P. 303-449-1420 x112

[email protected]

Beau Gamble


P. 303-449-1420 x118

[email protected]

Kevin Nelson

Managing Broker

P. 303.449.1420 x124

[email protected]