10-15 years ago it seemed like there was a new frozen yogurt popping up on every corner in Boulder. Now, just one still stands, Ripple. We can’t help but wonder if these three trends below are a fad- like Frozen Yogurt… or if they are here to stay.

Pickleball: Currently – the demand is still outweighing the supply. Boulder boasts just one dedicated facility, and Wheat Ridge recently opened Colorado’s largest pickleball center, evidencing the sport’s escalating appeal. We did a recent deal for a new facility in Avon, which further underscores the need (even in Mountain Towns). 

Golf Simulators: Golf is another sport that seemed to pick up during Covid and it seems people want to practice their swing outside of the driving range. While there aren’t any bays in Boulder yet, Superior opened an indoor golf bay called The Eatery, Longmont opened The Local Drive late last year and a deal was recently signed at 947 Pine St in Louisville for The Birdie Bar. Denver has more than ten different golf bay offerings, so we predict it’s only a matter of time until one opens in Boulder.

Med Spas: Medical injectors are becoming more common, changing how people view and access cosmetic treatments. Once mainly for middle-aged women, now people of all ages, especially younger groups like Gen Z, are getting nonsurgical treatments like Botox and fillers. In 2020, there were over 14 million of these procedures globally. The demand is growing fast, with the Botox market alone worth $4.7 billion in 2020 and expected to increase by 7.8% annually until 2028. This trend shows that more people are considering these treatments, leading to more clinics opening to meet the demand. There are currently over 25 “medspas” listed in Boulder and this does not include the more traditional dermatology offices. That is almost one medspa per 4,000 people in the city of Boulder… quite a bit of Botox!