Rolling with the punches is key in commercial real estate, especially when trends in office visit policies and return-to-office plans shift faster than Colorado weather. So, we’ve lined up some Fortune 100 trends, and we’re eyeing how they might play out in Boulder.

Office Visits, or Not?

We can’t draw a straight line between Boulder’s commercial properties and the Fortune 100, but the insights are worth noting. Around 14% of these big hitters have scrapped mandatory office visits, while 18% insist on three days per week. Take it as a snapshot of how folks are thinking about office attendance these days.

Flex Work: Here to Stay

We don’t have the exact stats for Boulder, but the Fortune 100 is leaning hard into flexible work. Considering Boulder’s progressive mindset, we’re likely on the same track. A heads up for property owners and brokers: hybrid models, blending remote and in-person work is likely the only thing we’re sure of for the future.

The Office Comeback:

The big trend is clear: people are returning to the office. In 2022, a solid 31% of Fortune 100 companies had their teams back in-person, up from 13% the previous year. This could influence what tenants want from their office spaces moving forward.


29% of Fortune 100 companies have announced reductions in office space. Based off the office vacancy in Boulder, we honestly would have guessed higher. Companies are leaning into subleases, getting more cost efficient spaces, and signing shorter leases. They’re playing a “wait and see” game, not only watching the market, but also trying to figure out the reality of their own hybrid workforce model.