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6C: Boulder Public Library District and mill levy
Should a library district be established and paid for by a new property tax?

How much are taxes going up?
You can find an estimate for your property using this tool: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/8f0fafc66c7f4d0e9aba1084e37de9b7

Generally, though, it would add ~$200 per year for a $1 million home in the City of Boulder, and ~$230 for a $1 million home outside the city. For commercial property (due to the Gallagher Amendment) the district would add ~$880 per $1 million of commercial value inside the city and $975 outside the city

Things to consider:
– Library branches still operating with reduced hours, staff and programming
– No money in city budget for additional branches in Gunbarrel, Niwot
– Will free up ~$10 million in sales tax funds for the city
– Voters will likely have less say on where those freed-up funds go (city leaders do not have to OK spending with voters, as money is already coming in)
– Library is not the only city department that is underfunded or with stagnant spending
– Large tax increase, particularly for businesses