Dean Callan & Company is proud to announce that Beau Gamble has been appointed as President of the six-decade-old company. Established by Dean Callan in 1963, the company was one of the pioneering forces in understanding the commercial real estate business in Boulder County. In 1994, Dean passed the leadership baton to his daughter, Becky Callan Gamble.

Under Becky’s leadership, Dean Callan & Company has built a formidable team of successful brokers who have managed some of the most high-profile real estate deals in Boulder County, serving a diverse clientele that includes local companies, individuals, and institutions. Becky, reflecting on her journey in the company, says, “There has not been a working day when I haven’t thought about my Dad and the opportunities he introduced me to in this wonderful business of commercial real estate. Now feels like the right time to pass the torch, my Dad’s legacy, onto the third generation.”

Upon accepting the position, Beau Gamble remarked, “It’s an honor and a privilege to follow in my grandfather’s and my mother’s footsteps. I promise I will do my best to make them proud as Dean Callan & Company continues to be one of Boulder County’s best commercial real estate firms and a pillar in the community.”

Becky has no plans to retire but is eager to allow Beau to assume the daily operations and bring a fresh perspective to the business. She will continue in her role as CEO.

Dean Callan & Company, Boulder’s oldest full-service family-owned commercial real estate company, attributes its long-standing success to their commitment to the community, strong working relationships with clients, a deep love for Boulder, and the talented team of brokers and support staff.

The first deal Becky completed was in 1992 with Aweida Investments at 5441 Western Ave. Today, Dean Callan & Company continues to represent Aweida Investments, overseeing their lease vacancies. Beau made his first deal in 2014 with Stephen Tebo at 4720 Table Mesa Drive. “That deal holds a touch of nostalgia for me. My Grandfather and Stephen were good friends, so it felt like a positive omen and a fun way to kickstart Beau’s career,” Becky Gamble recalls.

Both Becky and Beau credit a significant portion of their success to their athletic backgrounds and competitive nature. Becky, a former All-American tennis player at the University of Texas, and Beau, a former member of the University of Colorado basketball team, see parallels in their sports experience and commercial real estate careers. “Commercial real estate shares many similarities with athletics beyond just the competitive nature. It requires patience, hard work, discipline, and the understanding that you will lose deals. The crucial part is learning from these losses and moving forward, which sets the tone for a long, successful career,” says Becky Gamble.