November 21, 2017
Gone are the days when Boulder was only known for winter vacations or granola hippies. Over the years, the city has seen a startling growth in many sectors. Impressive gains have been in the number of new tech startups and out-of-state companies opening branches in Boulder. In fact, the city has become a new hotbed for software technology. There are good reasons for this new Silicon Valley. As a college town, there is no shortage of young talent, and many entrepreneurs have flocked to the city for its desirable lifestyle. Here is a sampling of top tech contenders: Zayo is a leading global...
September 28, 2017
Maybe you're a runner or a hiker, or perhaps you'd rather get your heart rate up with a vibrant yoga flow. Whatever the case, you're a lot more likely to partake in your favorite physical activity regularly if you live in Boulder, Colorado. This data comes from a report by Gallup and Sharecare, which surveyed 177,000 people across the United States in 2016. The researchers found that 70 percent of Boulder residents exercise three times per week on average, and Fort Collins and Greeley—two other cities in Colorado—also made the top of the list. Boulder residents also had the highest well-being...
September 20, 2017
"As a female business owner in Boulder, I am so pleased to see Boulder recognized for its support of women entrepreneurs. Boulder is filled with some incredible women who bring value, sustainability and leadership to our community." - Becky Gamble, President of Dean Callan & Company.
September 11, 2017
DSC_0517.JPG By Alex Burness The Boulder County Arts Alliance dreams of a new center where artists can create, perform and exhibit their work, and the organization may have found a site where it can realize that vision. In north Boulder at 4571 Broadway is a roughly 15,000-square-foot warehouse and office building owned and currently occupied by Namasté Solar, which is vacating the space at year's end to move to a new one in Gunbarrel. Charlotte LaSasso, executive director of the Arts Alliance, says that property could become a new hub for creative professionals who often struggle to find...
August 30, 2017
BOULDER — GrowGeneration Corp. (OTC: GRWG), a major specialty cannabis store chain, has signed a two-year lease in Boulder. The Denver company has nine locations in Colorado, two in California, one in Washington and one in Las Vegas. GrowGeneration sells equipment such as ventilation, soils, nutrients, grow lights and hydroponic equipment, all for commercial and home cannabis growth.
December 29, 2016
On Dec. 9, the Community Foundation Boulder County purchased the Spruce Street building where its offices reside. Thanks to the pro bono expertise and guidance of several partners in the community (including Becky and Beau Gamble), the foundation’s transition to property owner and landlord went off without a hitch.
July 6, 2016
Our tenant Boulder Cycle Sport was nominated for 2016 Retailer of the Year and needs your vote!